Welcome to ACM Arts


To promote mental, emotional and even physical wellness through art, drama and music based activities.

ACM Arts is a company that runs arts-based activity sessions in order to promote overall wellness.

In order to be part of ACM Arts you do not need to have any experience in music, drama or art.  The intent of ACM Arts sessions is not to teach but to guide, encourage and promote a lifestyle where creativity is able to grow and flourish. ACM Arts uses art, drama, or music as a medium in order to work with seniors, adults, and students.

Through ACM Arts individuals will be able to be creative and experience music, drama, or art in a safe and comfortable setting.  The positives that come from this experience are sometimes very subtle within the individual or very vast and can be quantified through an improvement in mood, or memory.

ACM Arts is committed to opening the individual up to the world through the arts.  In a group session, the activities that will be done in the sessions will be geared to the individuals in the sessions.  Each session is different and unique like the individual(s) present.  ACM Arts also works one on one with people who have specific needs.

There are many benefits to ACM Arts sessions and we look forward to working you. For a consultation please feel free to contact me, Andrea Christina Max.


"Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate." - Harvey Fierstein