Andrea Christina Max is the sole proprietor of ACM Arts. Andrea is a young entrepreneur with a strong work ethic, talent in the arts, and a passion to help individuals open their worlds through expression in artistic modalities.

Andrea’s business and education sensibilities come from her upbringing by a small business owner and a teacher. An accomplished musician herself, Andrea has always appreciated the importance of self-expression through the arts and the types of confidence and growth this can bring.

Andrea grew up playing the piano and painting, drawing and acting wherever she could. Throughout university her artwork appeared in magazines and she was commissioned privately to recreate paintings for families.

Andrea was also writing and playing music around town. She received a four year BA at Laurentian University and then went on to do another year to receive her BEd.
Andrea has always been gifted with children and taught in a multi-grade classroom for two years. During this time Andrea completed qualifications to teach adults and completed at course at New York University, which explained the importance of Music Therapy.

Soon after she began to put together ACM Arts; which she had begun in her own classroom. She saw that her students all needed a way to express themselves and had realized that she had been using the arts as the vehicle to self-exploration all along.

Andrea’s vision for ACM Arts is to alleviate the stress some students have, raise the confidence and self-esteem levels of others, and to create a safe place for individuals’ feelings to be expressed and acknowledged.  With ACM Arts the goal is specific to the individual and you never know just how vast the outcome may be.

“I've seen the effects of arts-based activities that I have done with my own class and how astonished they were at themselves and what could come of what and who they are. The increase in confidence is unbelievable. The experience that I've gained through my own personal interests and strengths has caused me to realize how powerful the arts can be in the lives of others. This has inspired me to form ACM Arts.” [Andrea Max]